SAGRE Foundation is an empowerment organization that seeks to improve the lives of Africans through holistic partnerships and capacity building for sustainable development. As aspiring volunteers, we make good to say that our projects are designed to serve rural communities across Nigeria. We need help – volunteers who will provide care and love for poor rural dwellers. If you wish to serve with us, kindly read through the information below. 

Career Support Group

Break the limits…ascend the heights…. Make change possible! Join a Career Support Group today, And be happy forever.

What is a Career Support Group?

IT is a team of professionals, leaders and entrepreneurs from different backgrounds coming together to fulfill a common purpose of reaching the nations through a career support system.

How Does The Career Support System Work

  •  The Career Support Group identifies a need or challenge on the career part of an individual member and provides a support base (adequate insulating back-up) that carries the individual member through that stage.
  • The Career Support Group adopts a person or group of persons within a particular career stage in a chosen locality and provides a support base that carries them through that particular career stage.

What are The Different Types of Support that Forms the Support Base?

Our Career Support Group utilizes a functional support approach to make every needed change possible for you. These include basic Instrumental support which involves offering real aid in form of Labour, Money, time, and Informational support by way of providing information, Training, professional advice, counseling, directives, referrals and lots more.

What opportunities Does it Hold For Me?

The career support group provides numerous opportunities for career growth and development which include:

       I. Career Security: It provides you with security in your chosen career or Job. You become self-reliant.

      II.  Career Stability: The Career Support System provides you with the gains of professional and entrepreneurial stamina of being in control of your chosen career and Job.

    III. Power/Influence: It provides you with the dynamic ability to influence people positively, thereby making a lasting impact in your generation.

    IV. Networking: It provides you with the opportunity to network and gain valid contacts with people, thereby connecting you to the wider world.

      V. Money: The support system may include financial support. But more sovereign is the fact that you are positioned and empowered to make more money for yourself.

    VI. Other Opportunities: SAGRE Foundation has a strong partnership base with other governmental and non-governmental Organizations. Job or employment opportunities with the foundation or other agencies place the team member at a strong advantage.

Why Must I Join?

You should join the group for several reasons, among which are;

  1. You need the SUPPORT.
  2. You become the SUPPORT.
  3. You achieve your career and fulfill your purpose.
  4. You  fulfill your divine mandate——- The Great Commission