The Organisation

Our Organization, Samsuji Global Rescue (SAGRE) Foundation Inc., is a non-profit empowerment organisation that seeks to improve life through holistic partnerships and capacity building for sustainable development. We achieve this through three primary focus areas: Health Care Missions, Community & Youth Development, and Leadership& Governance engagements. 

Being a key player in the development sector, SAGRE Foundation Inc. provides the strategic role of advocacy, public/private engagement, awareness and training through conferences, workshops and Public Lectures. With the focus of eliciting total re-culturing, re-orientation and support mobilisation towards transformational leadership and ethical governance to provide the workable solution(s) to the numerous challenges in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa. And one of such ways is through the GLADS project.

The GLADS Project: The GLADS Project, formerly known as the CIAPLEL project, is an international Public Lecture on Leadership, a program of the Leadership and governance arm of Samsuji Global Rescue (SAGRE) Foundation Inc. This program seeks to raise leaders of excellence through Capacity building and support mobilisation for all efforts towards leadership development in Africa. It also aims to refocus leaders to the primary and timeless principles of service, integrity, transparency, accountability and mentorship as crucial ingredients of transformational leadership and mobilise for total rebirth towards godliness.

More so, this project celebrates the selfless service of those who contribute to Leadership development efforts in Africa and Nigeria in particular. One of those so honoured, among others, is Dr Cosmas Ilechukwu, the 2014 award recipient of SAGRE for his leadership development efforts in Nigeria and Africa. It is our opinion that those who raise leaders are worthy of all honour. So, we discover these positive influencers in every way possible and celebrate their noble efforts in Leadership and governance endeavours.

This year, 2021, the menu we will serve our esteemed audience will be “The New Nigeria: Revamping the Ethos for a New Dawn.” And with the rich intellectual convergence of notable experts and highly rated resource persons, we hope that through your support and full participation, that long-awaited rebirth will become a certainty.