Health Care & Medical Mission

HealthCare Missions

Health is wealth. While wholeness is the gift of God,  healthy living is a choice.

Sagre Foundation Inc. undertakes health care missions to various groups of people who are in need of them in various rural and urban communities around the globe. We have a track record of success in health care missions in the sub-Saharan African terrain, and are also mindful of emerging opportunities for service through health care in other parts of the world.

We have a broad range of capacities in assisting with various issues in the areas of healthcare and public health promotion engagements. Our programs include preventive, promotive, and management of health and health related issues that impede development and wholesome living. 

Our engagements entail disease screanings, treatments, awareness, and training for healthy living through various health education and promotional tools. We offer valid assistance through evidence based intervention, adopting procedures that are localized and founded on established research in emerging diseases and health needs of the people.

Some of our programs are on the areas of; Eye Health and Blindness Prevention Project,  HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control, Covid-19 awareness and control, Cancer awareness, Maleria control,  Maternal & Child Health, including Child Abuse, etc. In our child abuse programme, our focus is to:

  1. End the sexual exploitation of children by reducing societal tolerance of the sexual exploitation of children; preventing entry of children into sexual exploitation; creating strong, enforceable legislative environments to protect children from sexual exploitation; and ensuring that children who are sexually exploited have access to a range of services that enhance their safety and well being and support exit from sexual exploitation;
  2. Promote the prevention of violence against children and the protection of children from all forms of violence, including sexual violence.
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