About us

At SAGRE Foundation, our work and continuous engagement with relevant stakeholders are  grouped into three broad categories to wit: Health and medical missions; Community and Youth Development; and Leadership and Governance, respectively. 

A. Health & Medical Missions:

Blindness Prevention Project

HIV/AIDS Prevention& Control

1. Maternal & Child Health

2. Child Abuse: In our child abuse programme, our focus is to:

  • End the sexual exploitation of children by reducing societal tolerance of the sexual exploitation of children;
  • Preventing entry of children into sexual exploitation;
  • Creating strong, enforceable legislative environments to protect children from sexual exploitation; and ensuring that children who are sexually exploited have access to a range of services that enhance their safety and wellbeing and support exit from sexual exploitation
  • Engage men and boys in combating the sexual abuse of children by providing greater opportunities for men and boys to engage positively in children’s lives and to protect them from sexual abuse;
  • Increasing the respect between boys and girls for their different and equally valuable contributions to families and communities; addressing potential abusers; and reducing the incidence of sexual abuse of children and levels of recidivism; and
  • Promoting the prevention of violence against children and the protection of children from all forms of violence, including sexual violence

3. Malaria Control and support programmes

4. Consumer Protection Campaigns.

5. Alcohol & Drug Abuse
Enlightenment campaigns against fake and sub-standard Products

B. Community & Youth Development:

  • Education/Training Programme.
  • Civic Education
  • Livelihood and Empowerment Education
  • Language Translation Project
  • Economic Development Programme.
  • Micro Credit Activities
  • Youth and Women Empowerment
  • Career Support Group (CSG).

C. Leadership And Governance:

  • Leadership Training & Conferences
  • Good Governance Campaigns
  • Community Engagement in Governance
  • Electoral Process and Election Monitoring