How we work

Embracing complexity: We see the interactions among problems and solutions, locally, nationally, and internationally. We understand the perspectives provided by interdisciplinary approaches and encourage the transfer of knowledge and learning from one field to another. In our work we use what we learn in one field to inform our effort in other fields.

  • Willing to take risks: While we understand the importance of steady commitments to core programs, we are open to new ideas, willing to take risks in exploring patterns, trends, and issues that may be yet only dimly perceived.
  • Supporting creativity: We can make a difference by supporting creative individuals and groups who share similar interests and goals.
  • Taking the long view: We take the long view in our work, first trying to understand the root causes of issues better through research and analysis, and then helping develop policies and approaches that will be able to scale up to effectively address the issues. We seek to have research-informed practice and to have practice enriched research through a continuous feedback loop. We are always willing to be self-critical and are regularly reviewing whether we are continuing to add value to a field of work. Taking a long view does not lessen our desire to seek appropriate, measurable, and timely outcomes.
  • Optimism: We are optimists at our core, believing that working together — through research, vigorous discussion, advocacy, and action — can make a difference. We view problems through a positive lens. And we call them challenges.
  • Promoting diversity of viewpoint: No one has a monopoly on truth. Analysis of problems and development of solutions are enhanced by bringing multiple perspectives to bear on both. We are willing to work with unexpected partners, welcome sceptical views, and value vigorous, a civil debate that is informed by evidence. In our work, we are sensitive to different values and honour local knowledge.
  • Being a convener, catalyst and enabler: Bringing different and differing groups together is an important part of the SAGRE Foundation’s role. Supported by information, resources, and influence, we are better able to resist the disabling forces of cynicism and despair.
  • Fairness and transparency: We recognize the need for openness and fairness in our activities. In all of our dealings with individuals and organizations, we seek to be responsive and respectful.
  • Loving God and Loving the people: Our motivation is driven by our love for the people but sustained by our love for God. In our work, we pursue policies and initiatives that significantly impact the well-being of the people.